Pack Away Hunger - August 2016: Our Impact in Haiti

August 2016: Our Impact in Haiti

Last month I had the great privilege of traveling to Haiti to see how your generosity is improving the nutrition of Haitian children. My wife Mary and I spent 5 days on the campus of our partner Nehemiah Vision Ministries (NVM). During that time we had the opportunity to serve, observe and explore.

Much of what we saw was hard to take in, even though I had been to Haiti once before. On the ride to the NVM campus, we were struck by the vastness of poverty and lack of infrastructure. It is simply overwhelming. Admittedly I thought, “How much good can we really be doing here?”

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It didn’t take long to realize that we are, in fact, doing a lot of good. And it shows up where it matters most, on smile after smile of the children who eat the meals you helped create. Our first day was spent observing NVM’s new nutrition clinic. Parent after parent brought in babies and young children suffering from lack of food. Nutrition clinic staff give Nutri-Plenty meals to pregnant mothers to ensure their unborn children have the healthiest start possible.

A few days later, we helped to serve lunch for more than 100 children attending summer English Camp. The heaping plate of the Nutri-Plenty Meal was the only meal many of these children received that day. When school resumes in a few weeks 350 children will receive a Nutri-Plenty meal each day for lunch.

Later we spent an incredible evening playing with children at the Children’s Home, the NVM orphanage. Mary immediately bonded with sweet Falli as they played games to improve her speech and motor skills. I became fast friends with Widley that evening. He is an incredible artist and took no time to draw my likeness in chalk on the sidewalk. The Nutri-Plenty meal is served 5 days a week at the Children’s Home.

With each child we met, I was more and more encouraged by our collective efforts. Though you may never meet these children personally, I want you to know you’re making an impact in their lives. You are giving them the meals they need to grow, learn and prosper. And that is what Life.Changing.Nutrition. is all about.

Executive Director
Pack Away Hunger