Pack Away Hunger - Volunteer for us!

Do you have the desire to get out and make a difference? We Need You! We are looking for volunteers in all parts of our organization. Please take a moment to email us with your interests from the list below and we'll be in touch right away!

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Common Volunteer Opportunities

Equipment Sanitizing:  After an event, we have to sanitize cups, spoons, funnels, trays, etc.  This is a three tub process and the equipment then air dries.  Our busiest sanitizing day is usually Monday.  Depending on how much equipment, the time commitment for this is about 2 hours.  We recommend 2 people for this job, but 1 can do it. This would be a HUGE help to us!

Data Entry:  This is an ongoing opportunity with Pack Away Hunger.  If you have good computer skills and can type at a decent clip, then this is for you!

General Cleaning:  Our office and warehouse occasionally need to be vacuumed and other general cleaning.  If you are interested in helping us keep our facility clean and address your own OCD issues at the same time.

T-Shirt Inventory/Folding:  We order large quantities of our t-shirts and need someone on a weekly basis to come in and take inventory of the shirts by size, fold shirts and place in proper tubs, etc.

Fundraising Event Planning:   Do you like to plan events?  Do you enjoy helping groups like ours get the word out about our mission, make some money and have fun?  Motorcycle rides, galas, bowling, golf outings, etc.

Grantwriting: Do you have experience writing grants?  Would you like to help us write grants that could enable us to feed even more children than we do now?

Other:  Are there other skills you have that you would like to share with Pack Away Hunger?  Is there something missing from this list that you would like to help us with?  Let us know what that special talent or idea is!